time waits for no man

clear hour glass
Photo by Alexandar Todov on Unsplash

Do you ever feel like the days are slipping away so fast that life seems to be accelerating? I’ve been feeling that way lately. I need to come up with a strategy to help me get more out of my day. Exercise and doing something meaningful every day has to be a priority. I’m also starting to think that I should be waking up a lot earlier than I do right now.

Here’s my plan. The summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere is on Monday, 21st of June 2021, at 04:32 BST. If the weather is good, I will take my wife and son to a nearby beach just before this time to witness the sunrise. It will be symbolic for meβ€”the dawn of a new start. Next Monday I will begin again. I will stand with my feet in the ocean and reconnect with the world.

Firstly, I will work on my relationships, family and friends. Next will be fitness and health. I will work on my relationship with food. I will spend time looking back over hundreds of blog posts that I have written and look for patterns of behaviour that will reaffirm my reset. I will stop spending time on fruitless projects. I will change the way that I use technology, only using it to benefit my goals. I will reduce my use of social media once and for all. I will write in my paper journal, with pen and ink. I will give notice to organisations that I am involved with that are huge time vampires.

I will look for work that gives me joy, finally doing something that provides for my family and at the same time feeds my soul.

I will spend time in nature. I will reverse the years of neglect that I have subjected my body too. I will not waiver. This is my manifesto.