Page updated on the 2nd of June, 2023.

These are the things that I am currently doing.
  • working as an HGV Class 1 bulk driver.
  • learning how to leverage AI systems to aid my writing journey.
  • fasting daily to reverse my type 2 diabetes & hypertension.
  • following a low-carb/ketogenic diet.
  • working out ways to simplify my life.
  • reducing my outgoings.
  • being a good parent.
  • I am updating and curating our AV collection.
  • taking Karta and his friends to as many car events as possible.
  • planning a European car museum tour.
  • daily meditation & mindfulness.
  • focusing on the things that matter most, my family & friends.
  • enjoying free time in our garden.

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Inspired by Derek Sivers.