My name is JP. I live in a village in Kent, England, with my family. I’m a freelancer; this is my personal ‘blog’, a place for me to share thoughts and opinions, as well as the things that interest me.

Instead of always posting to public social media sites, I’ve decided to experiment using my own space. You can follow along by visiting this site or using your favourite feed reader or other RSS-powered services.

I write stuff and photograph things. I build basic websites for people. I am learning to appreciate books, something that I have neglected for some time, and also looking for ways to reduce my digital footprint.

As a family, we try to live a frugal yet provident life. We try not to spend more than we earn, but this isn’t always easy.  I am available for various work, so if you have a project in mind, drop me a line. Here is a link to my freelance rates.

I am a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organisation that fights for civil liberties in a digital world.

You can contact me via email by clicking here

Cheers JP