My name is JP. I live in Kent, England, with my wife and my fourteen-year-old son. I’m a freelancer and a mature student, this is my personal ‘blog’. My blog, for me anyway, is an antidote to social media.

I have just started my Open degree with the Open University. I am studying Business Communication in the first year. I am learning to appreciate books, something that I have neglected for some time.

As a family, we try to live a frugal yet provident life. We try not to spend more than we earn, but this isn’t always achievable.  I am available for work, so if you have a project in mind, drop me a line. Here is a link to my freelance rates.

Bitcoin donations: 1KdP2LRJVodWAdb8zK9DLNPh2eYReTmXdt

You can contact me via the form below.

Cheers JP