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expedition 1 update

Just a quick update about my proposed trip to Nordkapp in Norway next summer. The summer solstice in 2021 is on Sunday 20th of June. With that in mind, I will be planning to arrive in the area by the 19th with a view to staying nearby for up to three days. Also, I am planning on crossing the English Channel via Eurotunnel, so I’ll be looking to make that booking in Janauary.

So far, my plan is to drive into Europe and up to Amsterdam for the first evening. Day two is then a drive over to Wolfsburg in Germany for a visit to Autostadt. The next stop will be Copenhagen for a couple of days, followed by a drive to Stockholm in Sweden. We then drive north through Sweden for a few days, before we pop out the top and into Norway.

I’m still working out the return leg of the journey, but we will stay in Norway for most of the trip back down. Other things that I am working on are items for the roof-box, such as a second spare wheel and fuel canisters. We will be staying in a mix of B&Bs, motels and hostels. All of our accommodation will be low rent, although I will make sure that we stay in decent hotels when visiting larger towns and cities – for security and a good night’s sleep.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.




I cannot understand how and why there are so many people still out and about, apparently going about their business as usual. I have had to work for a few days and that took me out into the world. Driving has been a problem, huge amounts of traffic etc, I even got stuck in a jam for ten minutes. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?

I have to do one more day of driving tomorrow (Monday), after that I will be staying put at home and only venturing out for food shopping, walking for exercise and to collect Karta’s new Xbox. Things will get worse if we don’t follow the advice being given by the government.




One of my pet hates, people in big SUVs that sit in traffic with their foot on the brake pedal! I mean, what the actual fuck?! The light is blinding. Just put the fucking thing into neutral and pop your handbrake on. I bet if I sat behind them with my full-beam on they would soon be jumping up and down, and losing their shit about being dazzled?! Rant over.



Happy Halloween

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. We were married and then had a huge fancy dress party to celebrate. Samhain, Calangaef or Halloween – whatever your preference – is a very special time of year for us; we’re still going strong, so here’s to the next sixteen!



assorted files
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/I need to simplify my digital files_

I have too many digital files and folders scattered across several devices and the internet cloud. Following the recent passing of my father, I have started to take a look at some of the difficulties my family will have trying to locate all of my digital assets once I am gone.



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So the other day, I thought that it was time for me to move over to a different way of fasting, specifically the 18:6 TRF regime. Well, that was a mistake for me. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I ended up eating much later than I had been on the circadian rhythm plan that I was following. It might have had something to do with the pulled pork that I made on Saturday night?

From today, I have decided to go back to CR-TRF.



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/switching to 18:6 TRF_

I’m moving across to a slightly more restrictive fast. The 18:6 TRF (time-restricted feeding) helps rid the liver of more glycogen, allows the body to begin using ketones for fuel, and can activate autophagy to rid my body of damaged cells.




Karta – aged 15

This one is 15 today. We had a morning shared with Wallabies and Giraffes, followed by fried chicken and Mexican food. Happy Birthday darling boy, I love you.