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The Center For Humane Technology can help you to break free from your social media driven smartphone addictions.



/it would appear that I have a smartphone addiction!_

I’m not going cold turkey…yet. I have deleted all social media apps from my smartphone, and I’m working out the best way to remove myself from WhatsApp. The latter is difficult, especially as I am involved with a football club that uses the app to communicate with each other and the parents of the children in our care.

I am starting to think that I will just have to tell everyone that I will not be using any Facebook owned products, along with Google products and, of course, social media apps and services. I have given myself until the end of the year to make alternative arrangements. Part of me just wants to pull the plug on it all, the practical part of me is telling me to wait. I’m on the fence, but leaning towards a big switch off, I really don’t think anyone will notice.

The more I read about the evils of the giant tech companies that mine our every move for data, the more I want to leave. My blog is my connection to the internet, that should be enough. Maybe I will “bite-the-bullet” sooner, rather that later?

That is all.



FCUK Social Media – Redux

The more I think about it, the more I want to take a month away from using social media, and from using my smartphone. If I am going to get Karta to spend one day-per-week without using his phone and social media accounts, I need to lead by example.

The only reason that I will pick up my smartphone will be to check my WhatsApp messages I can check my emails and Signal messages on my PC. I am also working to move most of my email over to Protonmail from Outlook, although this will take some time to complete.

The Punkt MP-02 will become my device of choice for making phone calls and for sending SMS messages. I have a decent compact digital camera for when I want to take photos.

Ultimately, I will stop using products from companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I am now taking time to seek out software from companies that have strong privacy values and will not share any of my information with third parties of any kind. Although rare, they are becoming easier to find.

I am making a concerted effort to slow down. I don’t need to check my email every five minutes. I don’t need push notifications, and I do not need social media.

That is all.



In fact, I think that I should add a 7 day social media detox into my week long fast. The urge to purge is so very strong at the moment. I have managed to whittle down the amount of friends that I have on Facebook to just 25 and my Twitter to just 99. Instagram is proving to be harder to trim, but again, if I can get the number of accounts that I follow below 100, I’ll be happy.

My ultimate goal is to stop using social media more than a couple of times per week. After all, I have this blog for spewing nonsense into the world.

noise status

The Luddism Corollary

Privacy concerns and the right to a private life have long steered me towards a technology purge. I will start that purge in 2020.


66: The Tweet Reduction

I’ve had a massive clear out of my Twitter account over at  @jphackett

Several years worth of tweets have been thrown into the digital skip and sent away for burning.

The reasons for this are twofold, firstly, I am trying to keep my use of social media to the absolute bare minimum; and secondly, I will only be posting my content to Twitter from now on, so having a clean canvas felt like the right thing to do.

I have switched off Instagram, and I had already left Facebook, back at the start of April, which has been a revelation.



65: R.I.P. Instagram Account

The other day, I de-activated my Instagram account.

I have no idea if I will ever go back, and at the moment I can honestly say that I don’t miss it.

At the same time, I took down my Twitter account while I decided what I should do with it. I have now re-activated it, but not before I made arrangements to wipe all of my previous 5000 tweets.

I won’t be tweeting much anymore. But, I will keep the account “ticking over”, just in case I need to return to it at some point in the future.



62: Relativity

I have decided to try to reduce the amount of time that I sit in front of my computer every day.

I want to post relevant things to this blog, but I will limit doing so to just once a day via my PC.

The WordPress Android app is an excellent way to be able to create post drafts, so by combining the app and by using a notebook to capture my thoughts throughout the day, I hope to minimise my screen time.

Hopefully, that will free up some time for me to catch up on the pile of books that I have got to read.

I am still on the fence about Twitter and Instagram. Both of those platforms will be placed into hibernation for a bit so that I can take a while to think through what I am going to do with my digital life.

I said back at the start of the year that I will be turning my back on the traditional social media channels; I am hoping that will be the case by the end of the year.

For now, though, I have a Fortnite birthday party to organise.