/it would appear that I have a smartphone addiction!_

I’m not going cold turkey…yet. I have deleted all social media apps from my smartphone, and I’m working out the best way to remove myself from WhatsApp. The latter is difficult, especially as I am involved with a football club that uses the app to communicate with each other and the parents of the children in our care.

I am starting to think that I will just have to tell everyone that I will not be using any Facebook owned products, along with Google products and, of course, social media apps and services. I have given myself until the end of the year to make alternative arrangements. Part of me just wants to pull the plug on it all, the practical part of me is telling me to wait. I’m on the fence, but leaning towards a big switch off, I really don’t think anyone will notice.

The more I read about the evils of the giant tech companies that mine our every move for data, the more I want to leave. My blog is my connection to the internet, that should be enough. Maybe I will “bite-the-bullet” sooner, rather that later?

That is all.