And so, it begins – again!

For me, I began to look into 2024 back at the winter solstice. There have been many challenges for me and my family in 2023, many of which we overcame, but some, that have caused huge upheaval.

So, as we lurch into the new year and a time of renewal and rebirth for the world, I take time to think about what I would like to achieve personally. The main concern for me, and the thing that I will be focussed on more than anything else, is my health and fitness to be able to do my job.

I have been off work for almost three months. In that time I have made some improvements to my arthritic hip, but have gained a lot of weight too. I have enjoyed birthdays and Christmas, eaten plenty of great food and generally let myself go a bit. All a coping mechanism, I think. Anyway, that all changes today. I am going back to what I know works very well for me. Time-restricted feeding, eating a ketogenic diet, and doing as much daily walking as I can with my bad hip. I will need to get back to work as soon as possible if only to avoid a financial disaster happening early this year. What that work will look like is, as yet, uncertain, but I will do my best to earn a decent amount of money to keep my family and me with a roof over our heads.

So, I will take each day as it comes and I will do my very best to journal my progress here as much as possible. Have a great 2024, let’s hope it’s a good year for the world.

Until next time, adieu.