greetings – or how to escape from the bakery

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 – Via Pexels

I don’t respond well to being bullied. I don’t think anyone does. So last week, while working at the village bakery, I decided to stand up for what is right. One of the so-called team at the bakery took it upon himself to criticise me over my performance, or lack thereof. Keep in mind that I had only been in the role for just over a month and was still learning the ropes. Being inexperienced and undergoing training was no excuse for not being up to speed. Another issue was that this person didn’t think it was fitting that I wanted to leave at the end of an 8-hour night shift instead of telling me that I had to stay until all of the delivery vehicles were ready to go. Fair enough. I don’t mind staying for an extra half an hour, but no. I was expected to stay for up to three more hours if required, which was not in my contract.

Being told these things was not the worst part! Having someone in your face screaming at you is difficult. It took all my willpower to refrain from taking physical action and pushing this individual away. That, I fear, would have resulted in a fist fight, something that I have avoided for most of my adult life. Instead, I asked for a suggested solution to help me achieve what they asked me to do. How can I speed up? Where am I going wrong? Can you see a way for me to improve? All of these questions caused more angry ridicule. So, I quit.

Now, you would think the company’s owners would be all over it. But no. I have heard nothing. They didn’t call to find out what happened. I wrote and explained my version of events and expected to have some interaction with my boss. Alas, I have heard nothing. The good news is that my friend found me a temporary job, working at the family greetings card business in Canterbury!

I now work in a warehouse, picking and packing Christmas cards. The job will help pay the bills until I complete my HGV driver training in August. Spending time with Karta and his mates up at Brands Hatch that weekend helped me a lot. I realise that there is much more to life. Even in trying times, money isn’t the be-all and end-all.
Until next time, adieu!