Photo byΒ Ketut SubiyantoΒ fromΒ Pexels

The news that we had feared was coming has arrived. Once again, we are being turfed out of our rented home. Our situation is precarious. A combination of poor credit history, sporadic freelance work, and zero savings make walking into a letting agent and choosing an off-the-shelf rental home near impossible. We have to be careful that our next move will be more permanent. The last five years have been hard. I will not let the next five years be the same.

So, it is time to begin the boxing up of our belongings once again. I intend to write about the experience via this blog. The day we move home will also be when I stop using social media for a year. I won’t even update pages for businesses and organisations that I work with. Instead, I will write, read and take a bunch of photos. That is all.