eject – eject – eject

A while ago, I mentioned that there was trouble on the horizon. Well, the horizon is coming up fast, and I need to do something to get my family and me out of the shit storm that we are about to find ourselves in.

Let me explain. We rent our home. We have always been happy renting. We did own a home back when Karta was a baby, but the financial crash of 2008 put pay to that experiment ever since we have rented a succession of houses. Most of which have been wonderful places to live. Unfortunately, two of the last three places we have come to call ‘home’ have been sold out from under us. The dreaded Section-21 notice. A document that allows a landlord to ask you to leave the property with only a few months notice, even if you have done nothing wrong! It fucking stings, and it fucking hurts. It would appear that it is fairly standard practice here in England, harder to do in Scotland and practically unheard of in Europe.

So my family and I have until the end of the year to find a new place to live. I’m not ready to pull the ejection handle just yet; our next home has to tick a lot of boxes, but suffice to say, we continue to learn from the experience.

Over and out!