white and black basketball hoop on brown rock formation during daytime
Photo by Arvid HΓΈidahl on Unsplash

expedition 1. Nordkapp

For a few weeks now, I have been thinking about mounting an expedition by road with my son to Nordkapp in Norway. Sitting well above the Arctic Circle and just less than 2000 kilometres from the North Pole, North Cape is considered the most northerly point in Europe that is easily accessible.

I would like to drive from our home in Kent, England to north Norway and the cape. TomTom says that it is a 40 hour drive, so probably 7 days of travel each way with stops. The aim is to visit at midnight on summer solstice and witness the midnight sun – weather permitting.

For now, I will spend a few weeks working out the logistics of such a journey. We will have to do this on a tight budget, so careful planning is an absolute must. I’m going to try and fund these expeditions by documenting our adventures in great detail via my newsletter. This will include all of the preparations leading up to the day of departure.

That’s all I have to say about this at the moment. Watch this space.