we made it to Germany, what’s next?

I had a fantastic time in Germany, even though our trip was only a few days long. Our primary goal was to assist Karta in escaping from the rut he appeared to be stuck in. We visited Motorworld in Cologne, stayed on the eastern side of the city, and enjoyed some delicious meals. However, we faced a minor setback as most supermarkets were closed due to the holiday weekend, which impacted our food plans.

In the evening, we went on a drive to Adenau and Nurburg, where the Nurburgring motorsport mecca is located. It was a special trip for our son, who is a fan of cars and was thrilled to see various high-performance vehicles being driven on the circuit. He reverted to a ten-year-old, relishing the experience.

After spending a few hours at “the ‘Ring,” we returned to our hotel in Rosrath. Following a restful night’s sleep and a filling breakfast, we ventured back to the track for a full day of exploration before heading home. Despite our best efforts, the trip wasn’t cheap, costing over £300. Although we all long to return, we may have to wait until next year. I am currently devising a plan to visit several prominent car museums and factory tours throughout Europe. It will require meticulous planning to ensure we can see everything we desire while also allotting time for a return to the “Green Hell”.

We have a busy schedule ahead with upcoming visits to Goodwood for the Players Classic and the Festival of Speed. In the meantime, I will also be focused on reducing our expenses and working diligently as a truck driver to make a living.