off down to Lydd

Lydd Kart Circuit

So, Karta and I will drive down to Lydd to meet up with Andy Ibbott this afternoon. Andy has kindly agreed to let me have a copy of his new MotoGP Riding Techniques book for me to read and review. I will post that review at a later date as MotoYeti. I have an idea for a business brewing in my mind, which could benefit several people and maybe even some investment.

Today, though, will be a chance to get back to a race track and watch motorcycles ridden at speed, which is always a joy to behold.

status travel


person standing on cliff during daytime
Photo by Nicola Gambetti on Unsplash

expedition 1 update

Just a quick update about my proposed trip to Nordkapp in Norway next summer. The summer solstice in 2021 is on Sunday 20th of June. With that in mind, I will be planning to arrive in the area by the 19th with a view to staying nearby for up to three days. Also, I am planning on crossing the English Channel via Eurotunnel, so I’ll be looking to make that booking in Janauary.

So far, my plan is to drive into Europe and up to Amsterdam for the first evening. Day two is then a drive over to Wolfsburg in Germany for a visit to Autostadt. The next stop will be Copenhagen for a couple of days, followed by a drive to Stockholm in Sweden. We then drive north through Sweden for a few days, before we pop out the top and into Norway.

I’m still working out the return leg of the journey, but we will stay in Norway for most of the trip back down. Other things that I am working on are items for the roof-box, such as a second spare wheel and fuel canisters. We will be staying in a mix of B&Bs, motels and hostels. All of our accommodation will be low rent, although I will make sure that we stay in decent hotels when visiting larger towns and cities – for security and a good night’s sleep.

That’s all for now. Stay safe.



white and black basketball hoop on brown rock formation during daytime
Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash

expedition 1. Nordkapp

For a few weeks now, I have been thinking about mounting an expedition by road with my son to Nordkapp in Norway. Sitting well above the Arctic Circle and just less than 2000 kilometres from the North Pole, North Cape is considered the most northerly point in Europe that is easily accessible.

I would like to drive from our home in Kent, England to north Norway and the cape. TomTom says that it is a 40 hour drive, so probably 7 days of travel each way with stops. The aim is to visit at midnight on summer solstice and witness the midnight sun – weather permitting.

For now, I will spend a few weeks working out the logistics of such a journey. We will have to do this on a tight budget, so careful planning is an absolute must. I’m going to try and fund these expeditions by documenting our adventures in great detail via my newsletter. This will include all of the preparations leading up to the day of departure.

That’s all I have to say about this at the moment. Watch this space.