28: The Overwhelm

It is a funny thing, that feeling of being “snowed under”.

What is strange to me is that I am putting a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to get shit done. Recently I began writing again for a motorsports website. I don’t get paid for doing the work, but it is putting my writing in front of a vast audience.

I also do a little design work here and there, and I volunteer as webmaster & club secretary for a motorcycle club, and I am also a volunteer for my son’s football team. But, I don’t get paid for any of it. I am competent in all that I do, but I need to get paid somehow.

If I take a full-time job somewhere, I won’t have the time that I need to dedicate myself to my writing. I enjoy that more than anything else. Writing for free will open doors for me eventually, and it is a great way to hone my skills. Anyhoo, I’ll have to work something out. What I like about writing is that you can pretty much do it from anywhere. That appeals to me most.

Right, time for a shower and then off for a coffee with a friend, before I head back to the apartment to write an article.