“I am sorry to say that you are now officially a person with type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and very high blood pressure. Things will have to change, and quickly!” My doctor sat back in his chair and gave me a few seconds to take in what he said.

FUCK! That was my first thought. I’m a 53-year-old overweight man with three significant diseases that can kill you. Fuck. I just sat and pondered what I had been told, wondering what the hell I was going to do about it.

“Don’t panic. We have ways to intervene and prevent any serious problems from developing.” said the doctor. “I’m going to prescribe medications that will help reduce negative outcomes, so tablets for hypertension, a statin to lower your cholesterol, and Metformin to lower your diabetes risk.” Fuck, I thought, this is not a good situation. It’s bad enough finding out that you have all the elements required to give you full-blown cardiovascular disease, but to jump right in with medications seems to be a standard move. On the other hand, I wanted to take a more holistic approach by using diet and exercise to reverse my diagnosis.

I asked the doctor about the causes of my diagnosis. He said it was a combination of age, weight, and working nights. A lack of proper exercise is also a key contributor. So, I have collected the drugs, although I am only taking the bloop pressure meds. Having spoken with the diabetic nurse, I have decided to focus my recovery on using a combination of diet (low-carbohydrate (LC) or very-low-carbohydrate (VLC)carb/ketogenic), intermittent fasting and exercise to reverse my symptoms. My weight is already going down. Since I quit sugar last week, I have noticed an improvement in my skin condition. I no longer eat wheat or other grains; this has had an immediate effect, dramatically reducing bloating and inflammation. I have a repeat medical for my HGV license next weekend. Hopefully, by then, I will be in even better condition.

In addition to the diet and exercise, I have to make a few more lifestyle changes. I will increase the frequency of my meditation practice and look to stop working nights as soon as possible. I will focus on obtaining my truck driving licence and then look for work that fits in with my needs and those of my family. I have a mind to help my son develop some of his business ideas, giving him a leg up into the world of work and bringing me satisfaction and enjoyment.

As you can tell, this was the kick up the backside that I needed to change my prognosis, and long term, I will finally be able to reduce my weight to where it should be for a man of my height and age. My next check-up at the doctor is in July this year, and I aim to be given the all-clear before my birthday in November. Life’s too short, especially at my age.

Over and out.