So, here we are in the year 2021, the ‘future’! I’ve been banging on about making changes, so here, for my reference is the list of things that need to change and things to do.


  • Change to a low carb diet. Cut out as much sugar as possible.
  • Fast daily from dusk ’til dawn.
  • Stop using social media.
  • Stop using WhatsApp, where possible.
  • Stop using my smartphone, where possible.
  • Wind up all of my websites, once and for all.
  • Focus on my fitness.
  • Focus on Karta’s fitness.
  • Spend less.
  • Draft a will.
  • Visit Nordkapp in Norway.
  • Climb Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis.
  • Start swimming regularly.
  • Meditate daily.
  • De-clutter and minimise my belongings.
  • Attend to some personal health issues.
  • Enter some virtual endurance racing events.
  • Read a book every week.
  • Write a daily blog post.
  • I will not take on any more unpaid work.
  • I will only check emails on my pc, where possible.
  • Change the format of this blog to include capitalised headings.
  • I will only check my emails twice a day, AM & PM.
  • I will go to bed at 2300 every day.
  • I will get up every morning at 0700.
  • No haircuts.

There it is. A long list, but one that I am determined to keep to. By following these resolutions, I will change my life for the better. If 2020 has shown me anything, it is that life is short, life is precious, and that life is fragile. I have to be around long enough to help my son grow into a fun-loving, passionate, kind-hearted man. Only then will I take my foot off the gas and begin to wind down.

I wish you all a happy new year, and I hope you get everything you wish for. Stay rad. JP.