I am struggling to focus.

My meditation practice needs a little fine tuning. I’m still rubbing along somewhere between sleep and consciousness. It feels like I’m surfing on the boundary of reality.


Free Headspace Pro

I had an email from Headspace with the offer of a year of Headspace Pro, for free! As I am one the millions of people around the world that has lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic, I am eligible for the offer.

That is all, I’m off to meditate.


I woke up this morning and realised that I need to start doing yoga. 

September, again

Life is moving along at a reasonably rapid pace these days.

I’m only weeks away from turning 50. Will I make it to 100, not unless I make some changes?!

So, nothing too fancy. Put good things into my body in moderation, convert some of that energy into movement and hopefully, I’ll be on my way to another fifty years on this planet.

Taking this approach to my health feels like the start of something sustainable.

A friend took a photo of me yesterday; when she showed it to me, I nearly fell off the chair. It is strange how reality can do that sometimes. Seeing an image of myself in profile made me realise just how bad things have become.

If I don’t make the changes that I need to make to my lifestyle, right now, I doubt I’ll have much more than twenty years left.

Living a modest life, free from stress, is all that I need.

I’ll meditate daily, open my heart and go with my gut feeling to guide me. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

September is about my son, my wife and myself. The three things that I need to put all of my energy into now.

That is all.

The Enlightened Hermit

“It will be social suicide; you will disappear, and no one will know who you are!”