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/I need to simplify my digital files_

I have too many digital files and folders scattered across several devices and the internet cloud. Following the recent passing of my father, I have started to take a look at some of the difficulties my family will have trying to locate all of my digital assets once I am gone.

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The Luddism Corollary

Privacy concerns and the right to a private life have long steered me towards a technology purge. I will start that purge in 2020.


68: What’s the Rush?

So, I’ve just downloaded the new app from Adobe called Adobe Premiere Rush.

It comes as part of the Creative Cloud suite of software from the venerable US software giant.

From what I can tell, it is supposed to be a paired down version of the fantastic video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro.

The idea is that you can use a mobile app to edit video on the fly, ready to sync with the same software at home on your computer.

I’ll have to spend some time playing with it to see what sort of things I can create.


66: The Tweet Reduction

I’ve had a massive clear out of my Twitter account over at  @jphackett

Several years worth of tweets have been thrown into the digital skip and sent away for burning.

The reasons for this are twofold, firstly, I am trying to keep my use of social media to the absolute bare minimum; and secondly, I will only be posting my content to Twitter from now on, so having a clean canvas felt like the right thing to do.

I have switched off Instagram, and I had already left Facebook, back at the start of April, which has been a revelation.



65: R.I.P. Instagram Account

The other day, I de-activated my Instagram account.

I have no idea if I will ever go back, and at the moment I can honestly say that I don’t miss it.

At the same time, I took down my Twitter account while I decided what I should do with it. I have now re-activated it, but not before I made arrangements to wipe all of my previous 5000 tweets.

I won’t be tweeting much anymore. But, I will keep the account “ticking over”, just in case I need to return to it at some point in the future.



62: Relativity

I have decided to try to reduce the amount of time that I sit in front of my computer every day.

I want to post relevant things to this blog, but I will limit doing so to just once a day via my PC.

The WordPress Android app is an excellent way to be able to create post drafts, so by combining the app and by using a notebook to capture my thoughts throughout the day, I hope to minimise my screen time.

Hopefully, that will free up some time for me to catch up on the pile of books that I have got to read.

I am still on the fence about Twitter and Instagram. Both of those platforms will be placed into hibernation for a bit so that I can take a while to think through what I am going to do with my digital life.

I said back at the start of the year that I will be turning my back on the traditional social media channels; I am hoping that will be the case by the end of the year.

For now, though, I have a Fortnite birthday party to organise.


35: Edward Snowden: ‘The people are still powerless, but now they’re aware’

Edward Snowden: ‘The people are still powerless, but now they’re aware’


30: The ‘sharent’ trap – should you ever put your children on social media?

The ‘sharent’ trap – should you ever put your children on social media?