Wow, I have just noticed that I haven’t posted anything to this blog for almost an entire month! That is unforgivable. In fairness, I have been swamped these last few weeks.

As mentioned last month, I have struggled to find a new home for my family and me. Well, I am happy to say that we have found somewhere not too far from our current house. We’ve met with the agents and the landlords and have agreed to become their new tenants. The impression I get is that we will be able to stay put for several years, maybe longer this time. The house is a house this time around, well, a cottage to be exact. It has a large garden and the quietest neighbours you could ask for (a graveyard on two sides). It is nice to feel like my midnight conversations with the universe are paying off, thank you, universe!

I have also been embroiled in running the football club that Karta used to belong to. I won’t get into too much detail, but let’s say I am on the verge of walking away. What’s the old saying, too many cooks in the kitchen?

I finally managed to reconnect with one of my oldest friends last week. It was great to spend time together, visit record shops and chat about all things past, present and future. With luck, he might even be able to get me a job where he works. It’s on the night shift (12-hours), on a 4-on-4-off shift pattern. There is plenty of overtime available, and the money is pretty good. The only downside is that it is 90 miles from where I live, so I will have to stay at my friend’s place whilst on shift. I#m keeping everything crossed.

Lastly, Karta started at Junior College today. After homeschooling him for two years, we found out that he was eligible to join the college. They will help him study for his exams, alongside his vocational lessons training to be a carpenter. We hope that by the time he is 19 or 20, he will be fully qualified and ready to start work as a carpenter and joiner. Many of his friends will be at university, mounting up huge debts and struggling to make ends meet. I’ll keep you updated about his progress.

Finally, just last night, I found out that another good friend of mine is in hospital following an animal attack! Sounds terrible, but she wasn’t mauled or anything, a cat bit her arm, and now she has a raging infection which the doctors are struggling to treat. She is being pumped full of antibiotics to treat the infection.

That’s it for now. I won’t leave it as long next time.