14: Social Mayhem

“The harvesting of our personal details goes far beyond what many of us could imagine.”

Here is a great article about just how much data the likes of Google and Facebook have on you!

Scary shit! Here’s a link to an article about how to delete your Google data.


13: Withdrawal

Wanting to be less involved in the world is not a bad thing, surely?

Lately, I have been making more time for myself and my family. I want to remove myself from all of the distractions that “being social” brings with it.

Why do I have to be social? Let me rephrase that, why do people expect me to be social. My circle of friends is very, very small. I have two people (other than my wife) that I can genuinely call my good friends.

I think that that is more than enough. Although I write here in what is quite obviously a public forum, I don’t want the world hearing and seeing everything that I am doing from one day to the next.

With this in mind, I have quit almost all social media. I still need to button up a few errant accounts, but generally speaking, I am making progress.

The next phase of my plan is to slowly withdraw from all of the voluntary work that I have been doing over the last year. I won’t leave people in the lurch, but at the same time I will not be taking on anything else. I will also quit all of my freelance work and instead move all of my attention to raising my son and keeping our home.

This isn’t a new thing for me, in fact, I have dabbled with the idea of doing this sort of thing in the past, you can read about that here.

Anyhoo, that’s it for now.

Over and out.


12: Ketogenisis

April has been an exciting month for me, so far!

Being nonline (except for minimal Instagram use) has been refreshing. I have more time to concentrate on doing the things that add value to my life.

One of those things is finally making a lifestyle change with regards to what I put in my mouth. Rhona and I have both been very successful in controlling our weight by following a low-carb diet. When we first met, some 13 years ago, we were both following the Atkins Diet Plan. We were both slim, fit and healthy.

After we got married and Karta came along, things changed. Rhona had to ditch the low-carb lifestyle during her pregnancy, and I followed suit. Within a year we were both heavy again, although Rhona had an excuse, she had just been carrying and then given birth to our son. I didn’t want to complicate things, and so I ate the same food.

Ever since then we have both struggled to keep out weight under control. The solution seemed simple enough, go back to a way of eating that enabled us to control our weight easily.

So, after years of trying every diet plan under the sun, we have committed ourselves to following a Ketogenic way of eating. Low-carb, high fat & high protein.

The simplest way to describe it this, we will not eat bread, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and other root vegs, anything sold as low fat, pasta, rice and beans.We will increase the amount of animal protein and fat that we eat, but not have to count calories.

We have spoken to Karta about it, and he feels like he could do it with us. We’ve warned him to stay away from sweets and crisps and to try and choose things like berries, Babybel cheese and Peperami style sausage etc.

As always, my aim here is to lose the excess weight and improve my fitness. However, I won’t be doing any more exercise than the walking that I do at the moment. By writing about it here, I am also holding myself to account, not that anyone is listening!




11: On Analog Social Media – Study Hacks – Cal Newport

The Declutter Experiment

In late 2017, Cal Newport invited his mailing list subscribers to participate in an experiment he called the digital declutter.

The idea was simple. During January 2018, participants would take a break from “optional technologies” in their lives, including, notably, social media. At the end of the 31-day period, the participants would then rebuild their digital lives starting from a blank slate — only allowing back in technologies for which they could provide a compelling motivation.

Cal expected around 40 – 50 people would agree to participate in this admittedly disruptive exercise.

His guess was wrong.


8: Dumbing Down

I’ve decided to reclaim my life – by using an old Nokia phone – David Lengel

Another interesting article! Click Here!


6: Inspiration

I used to run, every day with a long run thrown in at the weekend.

This article in the Guardian might make me start again.

‘There is a thrill to seeing your stomach getting flatter’: why I run



This is interesting.

I took a stand against social media’s corrupting influence by going cold turkey – and now I’m a new man



The 1st of April is fast approaching.

For a couple of years now, I have been trying to limit my exposure and addiction to social media. It has its hooks into me in a big way.

I’ve been making the time to think about what my life was like before the likes of Facebook and Twitter even existed. In the early days of the world wide web, I still had a life. It wasn’t a great life, but it was a life without the burden of a digital footprint.

Just this last week, Facebook has had the mirror of truth shined upon it with the revelation that it sold data to scientists that then used that data to create programs that were then sold to a company that manipulated elections across the world.

It has become harder and harder to be a private person. What I mean is, people (including myself) are mindlessly posting their lives online for all to see. Many try to limit what they share to specific audiences, but the machinations of the platforms that they use are stripping valuable data from the feeds of the public and selling it all to the highest bidder.

Well, it is time to take a stand. Take back control of your data and publish to your own, self-hosted blog. That is what I am going to try to do over the next few months, starting on April the 1st. Maybe I am a fool for doing this; perhaps, as some have suggested, it will be social suicide. Who knows?

I will be writing daily posts here, with more extended reads being published over on my Cult of Zoid blog.

I will make sure that I let the people that matter to me know how to find me, maybe that includes you?

Anyway, for me, the time is right to reduce my digital footprint.