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Anyone who works as a freelancer ends up with gaps between projects, some bigger than others. If you have any done any freelance work for any length of time, then you will know what I’m talking about; you try to save a cash buffer to pay the bills for those times when you have little or no work. But, it only takes an unexpected cost to crop up, and everything can go tits up.

Thanks to some good advice from a fellow freelancer, I feel that I might be able to ride out these lulls. I get told that as a freelance writer and photographer that I should always keep three months of cash in the bank and forget about it. Then, even if the well-paid work isn’t coming in, do what you can for what you can.

So, I have started to look into subscription models, such as Patreon etc. Then I discovered Substack.

I’m glad I decided to focus on the writing part of what I do because this has sustained me recently. Not financially, that’s the dream, but mentally and intellectually.

By building up a small amount of paying subscribers, I should be able to produce a newsletter that brings in a modest amount of money each month. The good thing is that with every new subscriber to my newsletter, I receive a small pay rise, so there is potential for me to make a living through my writing.

Please follow this link to sign up to my newsletter; there are free and paid options.