Johnson has insisted his government “truly did everything we could” to limit coronavirus deaths.


You didn’t:

  • Lockdown soon enough
  • Lockdown 2 soon enough
  • Lockdown 3 soon enough
  • Provide frontline staff with adequate PPE
  • Cancel Christmas
  • Close borders
  • Cancel all foreign travel
  • Make testing easily available early enough
  • Put a viable track and trace system in place
  • Close schools soon enough
  • Have a “firebreak” half term lockdown in October
  • Sort out exams, last year or this year
  • Make wearing face masks compulsory early enough
  • Keep people WFH where they could
  • Provide IT support/equipment to kids for home schooling
  • Feed kids
  • Support self employed
  • Punish people breaking rules (you know who)
  • Issue clear rules and guidance
  • Have a plan
  • Follow the science

You did however:

  • Provide numerous contracts worth millions to Tory donors
  • Encourage the celebration of VE Day
  • Encourage the spread of the virus through Eat Out to Help Out
  • “Save Christmas” in the face of expert advice to the contrary – until only a week beforehand, when everyone’s Christmas arrangements were finalised
  • Threaten schools in parts of London with legal action if they didn’t stay open
  • Forced schools to go back for one day – one day – at the beginning of January

Apart from that, you truly did do everything possible.