54: A Simple Life: Edited

So, just lately I have been thinking about how to simplify my life as much as possible.

I want my family to be happy, to have a fulfilling life, free from as much stress and hardship as possible. The only thing is, I don’t want to do it in the usual way.

Going out and working a standard 9-5 just won’t cut it. I need to be creative, tell stories and have the work that I do fit in with the life I want to live, and not the other way around.

My main aim will be to reduce our debts to zero, closely followed by reducing our outgoings as much as possible.

We have already started to sell, donate and recycle all of the surplus “stuff” that we have. The sheer volume of what is in our apartment is overwhelming. Over the coming months, I am aiming to reduce that pile of things by at least 60%.

Aside from writing for The Checkered Flag and some voluntary website maintenance for some freinds, my focus will be on finding ways to generate a living without having to “get a job.”

This blog will be a diary of what is ahead. I might even post the occasional video, but mostly I will write about the journey.

That is all.